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Marissa Levin - Business Keynote Speaker

Elevate Your Leadership | Maximize Employee Engagement | Achieve Organizational Potential

Marissa is a leadership expert, motivational speaker, and certified coach who has built 5 companies and has led, mentored, and coached thousands of leaders. She is a globally known speaker who delivers motivation, engagement, entertainment, and a message that moves people to action!

Marissa delivers an authentic, impactful message grounded in 30 years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience. Her captivating presentations are loaded with powerful content and creatively impart lessons that audience members can activate immediately. She instantly emotionally connects with her audience, whether it is an audience of 10 or 1,000.

Popular Keynote Topics

Typically 45 – 90 minutes in length, Marissa’s sessions are always customized to the unique needs and goals of her audience. Keynotes can also be coupled with a breakout session / workshop to take a deeper dive into particular topics and strategies.

Popular Keynote Topic

Awaken the Conscious Leader Within

Today’s complex business environment demands radically different leadership. More than ever, employees crave deep connection, clear purpose, radical trust, and emotional safety.

Your greatest leadership impact lies in the opportunity to elevate your leadership consciousness. Be the leader your employees deserve.

It’s time for you to discover:

  • What conscious leadership is and why its time has finally arrived
  • How to connect with and awaken your conscious leader through the 5 Conscious Leadership pillars: Identity, Intention, Integrity, InSight, and Inspiration
  • How to leverage your conscious leadership skills to engage your people, elevate their commitment to your organization, and achieve measurable organizational growth
Popular Keynote Topic

The Role of Self-Awareness in Leadership

Self-awareness is a foundational leadership skill for the 21st century.

Leaders who have a strong sense of identity, are clear and connected to their values, and are aware of both their strengths and weaknesses are regarded as more authentic, trusting, and credible.

It’s time for you to discover:

  • What self-awareness is and is not
  • How to ask for feedback from co-workers throughout your organization to understand how others perceive you
  • How to remove conscious and unconscious barriers to connection through elevated self-awareness
  • How to strengthen your self-awareness to improve relationships and communication within your organization
Popular Keynote Topic

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Lack of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace comes at a sky-high cost.

Employees leave because they don’t feel understood, seen, relevant, or safe. The cost of replacing an individual employee ranges from one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary. Lack of EI shows up in many ways within the organization: time wasted in unnecessary conflict, unrealized employee and team potential, lost customers, costs associated with stress-related absenteeism.  

It’s time for you to discover:

  • How EQ influences the way you respond to others and yourself
  • How to grow your skills of Emotional Intelligence so you can tune into the challenges your people are facing before it causes them to leave
  • What empathy is and how to build it to empower employees and keep them performing at a high level
Popular Keynote Topic

Seeing The Soul Behind the Role: A Leader’s Greatest Human Capital Opportunity

The most foundational human need is emotional and psychological safety.

A leader’s greatest human capital opportunity is to create an environment in which their employees feel seen, heard, safe, and significant to something larger than themselves.

It’s time for you to discover:

  • How to look beyond the role that an employee fills and see the multifaceted human being that shows up every day for work
  • How to see the whole person – the soul behind the role – to connect on a deeper level, and harness all that an individual is, rather than focusing on skills
  • Why the result is greater awareness, deeper connections, a more compassionate culture, and measurably stronger employee engagement; which directly impacts revenue and profits